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13Block: Is the group attempting a “reunion” à la Wu Tang?

While Stavo was promoting his project “TVX”, he hinted during an interview that there would not be a “Blo III”: “There won’t be a BLO III. There might be another title. Maybe the group will do something inchallah. We’re all on good terms. But I don’t think there will be a BLO III. It might be a slightly fresher title.” The 13Block has disappeared from the radar since the release of “Blo II”, but its members have all embarked on solo careers. What’s more, they’re racking up collaborations. The relationships between the group’s members are in great shape! So why did 13Block split up? Or did they take an “artistic break”? This method is reminiscent of the Wu-Tang‘s with the release of “Wu-Tang Forever”.

RZA: The genius of the Wu-Tang devises an exceptional marketing strategy!

In 1993, the New York group revolutionized gangsta rap with the album “Enter the Wu: 36 Chambers”. Shortly after the absolute success of this album, RZA and his crew implemented an original communication method. Each member of the Wu Tang developed a solo career. Method Man, ODB, Raekwon, GZA, and Ghostface Killah all released solo albums staggered over 3 years. They are the most prominent personalities of the Wu Tang Clan, those who have their own artistic personality.

Four years later, in 1997, the project “Wu Tang Forever” was released. In this opus, on track 2 of the first CD, we find the title “Reunited” which speaks for itself. With “For Heavens Sake” and especially “Triumph”, the Wu Tang established an empire over American rap, laying the foundations of gangsta rap that would germinate in the American musical landscape for decades.

13Block: In Sevran, there’s a hint of Wu Tang!

Stavo released his project “TVX” in 2022. Unlike other members of 13Block who can sometimes afford more openness in their titles, the artist doesn’t sell his soul to the industry. His album “TVX” is certified 100% authentic, although some tracks are more melodious than others. The artist releases a double album in a week. It’s titled “Once Upon a Time” for the first part and “Avoiding Misery” for the second.

Oldpee has already released his album “My Name is Sidi”. And if one imagines that the members of 13Block are cold with each other, that’s false. The title “So Many Signs” is enough on its own. Oldpee invites Zed and Dinos. The first punchline of the track pays homage to Stavo: “I come back from the field as if I were Stavo“.

Zed will unveil the album “Malcolm” in a few weeks as well. All members of 13Block, like the members of Wu-Tang who have pursued solo careers, have their own artistic personality. By capitalizing on solo work, they risk generating enormous excitement when they are finally reunited under the aegis of a “Blo III” title or album. In any case, the Wu-Tang‘s method may have inspired in France.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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