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Oldpee and So La Lune present “Tranquille”!

A recent member of 13Block unveils a new project. It’s none other than Oldpee. The project “Je m’appelle Sidi” features collaborations with Hamza, Guy2Bezbar, Gradur, DA Uzi, Freeze Corleone, Zed, Dinos, and So La Lune. All members of 13Block are now pursuing solo careers. Although this practice, even if unofficial, recalls the strategy used by Wu Tang before the release of “Wu Tang Forever“. Each group member had embarked on a solo career before the reunion (“Reunited“). That being said, the rapper unveils the track “Tranquille” in collaboration with So La Lune.

Oldpee and So La Lune present “Tranquille“!

Amine Farsi is an essential figure in beatmaking in France. He’s the one who created “Farsi“. The beatmaker recently revealed an EP of the same name, “Farsi“, and also collaborated with various artists on their respective projects, such as “Night Ride” by Roshi and “Interlope” by 3arbi. The composition is rather “tranquille“, almost cloudy.

Oldpee and So La Lune create a unique atmosphere with enchanting phases. The video’s direction is credited to Louis Rossi, alias Louis 420. The director previously collaborated with Leto on “Macaroni” and “La ruée vers l’or” with Da Uzi.

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