Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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Para One recounts his childhood in a cult!

Para One recounts his childhood in a cult! Para One is a highly acclaimed DJ who gained recognition several years ago by retracing the history of French and American rap in a mix. Since then, the DJ has become a true pop star, invited everywhere and respected on all platforms. However, Para One has always kept a hidden story behind him, that of his childhood spent in a cult. The magazine Technikart has dedicated an article because Para One has just completed his first film. In this film, Para One tells the story of his childhood in a cult!

At the dawn of his adolescence, while Para One idolized The Lord of the Rings, his sister was diagnosed with schizophrenia. His family sought refuge in a Christian cult, where the cult leader had proclaimed that his sister’s schizophrenic episodes were prophetic. Meanwhile, Para One filmed his surroundings on VHS, Super 8, and later with an iPhone, becoming the fetishistic witness to his family’s spiritual decline. With all his recordings, he decides to craft a film torn between reality and fiction. It is the testimony of his family and his own.

The feature film is already available on Mubi. And Para One could find as much success in his subversive cinema as he has in his illuminated musical tracks.