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Kofs launches his own serie !

After making a name for himself in the world of rap independently, Kofs arrives at Millenium for the first time with the track “Cette année-là”, taken from the project “V”. With his energy, powerful and deep flow, along with his caustic punchlines, he boldly declares in a laboratory, “J’ai volé la voix de Garou et le corps de Naza” (I stole Garou’s voice and Naza’s body). A theatrical introduction for a striking and powerful artist.

Kofs: a new project?

A few years later, he already has three projects under his belt: “V”, “Santé et Bonheur”, which also marks the creation of his own label, and “Matrixé”. For a few weeks, Kofs, also known as Faued Nabba, traveled across Algeria, releasing his freestyles “Algérien fâché”. You can feel the raw energy of this rapper. He announces his next project for January 19th, titled “Après Minuit” (After Midnight).

While Kofs continues to make his mark in the music scene, his alter ego Faued Nabba is making a name for himself in the world of cinema, notably with the film “Chouf”. Today, the actor has successfully transitioned from “Lupin” to “Mercato” on TF1 without any issues. He embodies the connection between rap and cinema in France today. To celebrate the release of his project, he is creating a web series himself, with the first episode featuring some beloved actors.

Kofs launches his web series!

Kofs is involved in every aspect of this project. The production is handled by “Santé et Bonheur” (his own production company), and he serves as the director and main actor. Among the cast of the web series, you can also spot his collaborators from the film “Chouf”, such as Zine Darar and Oussama Abdul Aal.

No spoilers: The series kicks off with a scene featuring Kofs and Alonzo. Backstage, the rapper joins his loved ones and decides to step out for an hour. However, just when he expected to spend a peaceful hour with his friends, the police and Marseille’s underworld unexpectedly crash the party. A twist of fate!

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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