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Demi Portion and Souffrance pay homage to Gangstarr!

Demi Portion and Souffrance pay homage to Gangstarr! Child of the Homeland (Booba / “Comme une étoile”), the new Demi Portion has arrived. He goes by the name “Poids Plume” and will be released on January 19th. Without a doubt, in one of the album’s tracks, Rachid will complete his “Dico” (a series of titles that Demi P practically releases with each album), which comes out every year alongside Robert. For this project, Demi P embraces the Boom Bap & Old School style. “At 16, (he) already rejects record labels” (Demi Portion“le dernier chevalier”) and boldly surpasses them on Spotify’s Top with his “Dragon Rash”, stealing the spotlight from Majors “with a touch of gangster flair” (Demi Portion“Demi Parrain”). To kick things off, he pays tribute to Guru and his “Jazzmatazz”, as well as DJ Premier and his superb productions for Nas, by titling his track “Gangstarr”.

Demi Portion and Souffrance pay homage to Gangstarr!

A small Boom Bap beat, a sample from the old school, and here we have the fairest of French rappers, Demi Portion, and his accomplice Souffrance paying homage to Guru and DJ Premier. In their upcoming album, you’ll find the cream of lyricism in France with Souffrance, Furax Barbarossa, and Rim’K. As he says in “Vie Particulière 2”: “N*.* sa mère tous vos contrats”. And most of his guests share the same sentiment.

The instrumental production of this track was composed by Itam. The beatmaker is a member of the Kid Of Crackling collective. The composer has collaborated with rappers of the same caliber as Demi P and in the same style, such as Davodka on “Point de rupture” and “A découvert”, but also Furax Barbosa, or Scylla. Some piano notes come to illustrate the return to the grand master’s piano and violin rap.

In his verse, the virtuoso pays homage to some rappers by quoting their punchlines, like the dreadful “P*.* quelle rime de bâtard” from the early career of Booba. Both rappers proudly represent the Noble Art of French rap. The French cultural exception in rap is the art of making poetry with simple words. The rapper also pays tribute to Sear Get Busy: “Get Busy est le meilleur mag” and to Kery James: “On a le même combat”.

The black & white music video is sumptuous, in total harmony with this sound, featuring Demi Portion and Souffrance with elegance and simplicity. The video was directed by HTAG ART. The videographer also created the cover of Demi P‘s new album “Poids Plume” and collaborates with Seth Gueko and Aketo as well.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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