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Fuku lays it down on Jeanjass’s “classic” production!

Fuku lays it down on Jeanjass’s “classic” production! JeanJass dons the producer’s hat and teams up with Belgian rapper Fuku to revisit the alchemy between the new school and the old school. As is customary with Jeanjass, the emphasis is on quality. With their 6-track EP titled “Phoenix,” the rapper and his producer also enlisted the services of ThaHomey, Kosa, and Meso. They unveiled the music video for the track “GUAP” in collaboration with ThaHomey to promote their EP.

Fuku lays it down on Jeanjass‘s “classic” production!

Jeanjass creates a ’90s atmosphere with a laid-back rhythm, a continuous and impactful bass accompanying a piano sample. The goal of the “Phoenix” EP is to bring back the ’90s style to the present day while adapting the production to current preferences. Fuku and ThaHomey breathe life into this track with its captivating and rhythmic bass.

The music video was directed by the Benso Boys, who are very active in the independent scene. They have notably directed the music video for “Drôles de rêves” by Dutch Martino.

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