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Leto finally unveils his mixtape “Trap$tar 3” with “Dans le Noir”

Leto finally unveils his mixtape “Trap$tar 3“. The member of the Rec 118 label began his career with the first two installments that led him to today’s success. To celebrate the occasion, he releases the video for his collaboration with Gazo.

Leto and Gazo follow up with “Dans le noir“!

The musical production of this track is signed by SHK, a beatmaker originally from Épinay-sur-Seine, highly present in the Drill scene. He notably collaborated with Freeze Corleone on his latest single “Voldemort“, taken from “L’attaque des clones“. The production is dark and energetic, perfectly matching the rappers’ style.

Many had predicted that 2022 would be their year. It turned out to be Gazo’s year, becoming the third most-streamed artist on Spotify after the release of “KMF“. With Leto, who also experienced remarkable growth, they continue in their characteristic style with a track that aptly bears its name.

The direction by Keuss is executed with elegance and class, but not “Dans le noir“. Leto celebrated the release of “Trap$tar 3” with energy.

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