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ISHA and Limsa D’Aulnay are trying the “Plan B”!

ISHA and Limsa D’Aulnay are trying the “Plan B“! ISHA and Limsa D’Aulnay delivered a pleasant surprise in December with “Bitume Caviar.” It’s a well-written album, primarily composed of instrumental productions from the ’90s, most of which are signed by Dee Eye, although you can also find productions by JeanJass and Herman Shank. The album includes a collaboration with JeanJass & Caballero. The two rappers unveiled the video for “Le Plan B” to promote the project.

ISHA and Limsa D’Aulnay are trying the “Plan B“!

With a refined sound atmosphere and a Boom Bap instrumental crafted by Dee Eye, “Le Plan B” by ISHA and Limsa D’Aulnay is representative of this ambitious project that breaks away from the beaten path. Dee Eye is a Belgian producer who has collaborated extensively with JeanJass & Caballero, notably on tracks like “ALZ” and “Bonne chance.” He also produced the track “Pourtant” by PLK. Some piano notes and a impactful bass, perfect for the two artists to develop lyrically rich rap that isn’t overly political but very impactful.

The music video, which combines studio and outdoor scenes, was directed by Leam Inard. The director had previously directed the music video for IPNDEGO and Chilla‘s “Prouver.”

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