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In Iran, inflation is decimating the youth

In Iran, inflation is decimating the youth. In a report aired on Monday, June 19, Libération corroborates the testimonies of several young Iranians witnessing the economic disaster plaguing the country. Hordes of protesters could soon join the feminist movement.

Iran: A country under tension!

Last September, the death of Mahsa Amini following her arrest by the police triggered the largest crisis that the Republic of the Mullahs has seen since the Green Revolution. For months, the protest has reached all layers of society. For the first time since its foundation, Iran has faced a feminist revolution. Despite the ongoing issue of the veil, the number of demonstrations has decreased, but the economic situation could precipitate the country into a revolution.

To understand this, one must look at the Arab revolutions. The Arab Spring began in Tunisia. Contrary to the Western perception most of the time, the revolution in Tunisia, which foreshadowed the revolution in all Arab countries, stemmed from economic despair rather than political struggle. A street fruit vendor had his tools confiscated by the police. Desperate, he self-immolated, becoming a “human torch” that ignited the Maghreb. The already fragile Islamic Republic may not withstand this crisis.

Iran: Astonishing Testimonies!

In a dark alley in Tehran, one can find a peculiar sign hanging on an inconspicuous wall: “I am selling my kidney, liver, and bone marrow due to extreme financial distress. I am young, athletic, and in good health. Please understand my situation and contact me if you are a buyer.” The author of this advertisement explained to the daily Libération that he had exhausted all options before resorting to selling his body.

While the authorities expect an inflation rate of 50%, the actual inflation in Iran reaches around 147%. According to observers, while economic sanctions triggered this crisis, the corruption of power and its inefficiency have made it endemic. Iranian authorities fear the worst. Hence, they negotiate with Western neighbors and show goodwill by releasing some hostages. The Islamic Republic has even resumed negotiations with its American rival through the Sultanate of Oman.

Would that be sufficient? The crisis has plunged the youth into complete despair. Another young person explained to Libération that he was forced to sell his entire library to survive. A literature enthusiast who collected books like his father and grandfather, he has become a taxi driver to make ends meet. Yet, it is still not enough. Symbolizing a society in decline, he sells the nourishment of his soul to sustain his bodily needs.

The looming energy crisis in Iran could further exacerbate inflation. This could potentially be the starting point of a new crisis. With the economic crisis, everyone has become a potential protester.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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