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France – Morocco: The Night Neo-Nazis Attempted to Expel “Arabs”!

France – Morocco: The Night Neo-Nazis Attempted to Expel “Arabs”. An investigation unveiled by the daily newspaper “Libération” sheds light on an operation carried out by neo-Nazis during the World Cup semi-final between France and Morocco, with the aim of driving away “orders of Moroccans.” An article published this morning on the newspaper’s website reveals profiles that are, to say the least, peculiar.

France – Morocco: An Operation Launched by the Zouaves Paris!

A few hours before the France-Morocco match, a message was broadcasted on the encrypted messaging group “Training Crew” on Telegram: “Wednesday, 8 PM, France-Morocco. Meet at Pont-Cardinet metro station from 8 PM onwards. We’ll be numerous, so we’ll spread out in several [bars] around the square. General mobilization to defend our flag against the Moroccan hordes.” This group is mainly frequented by the “Zouaves Paris,” an extreme right-wing group disbanded in 2022.

Nationalist forces then converge throughout the day towards the meeting point. According to information obtained by Libération, the nationalists are heavily armed: masks, tear gas, pepper sprays, metal belts, brass knuckles, telescopic batons, and smoke bombs. They are also equipped with protective gear. Some of them are practitioners of combat sports and are even part of the MMA league in France.

Ultimately, thanks to police work, the nationalists are identified before they can act. They are monitored for several hours by intelligence services and the BAC (Anti-Crime Brigade) and apprehended before committing their assault.

France – Morocco: Who is Behind These Operations?

The presumed leader of this punitive expedition is believed to be Marc de Cacqueray-Valménier, who apparently leads the group “Zouaves Paris” and belongs to GUD, a far-right union that has thrived since 1968. As an aristocrat from Saint-Cloud, the leader is equally devoted to extreme right-wing literature, bodybuilding, and combat sports. His reading list includes works such as “Mondes juifs, l’envers et l’endroit” by researcher Alain Médam, “Dictateur et roi” by Charles Maurras, or “Bref examen critique de la nouvelle messe” by conservative cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci. He embodies the typical profile of an identitarian rebel.

A war fanatic, he ventured to the frontlines with the Ukrainians and Armenians to defend his vision of Europe. When questioned by intelligence agents, he innocently responds, “I underwent major knee surgery a few months ago. I require specialized medical care several times a week for rehabilitation. Therefore, I am not capable of committing acts of violence or vandalism.” He adds, “I have medical appointments tomorrow. If there is a possibility of extending [the custody], I would appreciate the magistrate taking it into account,” according to the newspaper Libération.

On the other hand, some members of the crew have less talent for answering police questions. The conversation revealed by Libération is simply astounding:

Why are you particularly interested in this type of literature?

I really like history, I really like the character, what he represented, and that’s it.

Which character?


Can you be more specific when you say you like what he represented?

The fact that he, in quotation marks, came from nothing and managed to leave his mark on history. Besides the fact that there may have been a world war and genocides, he was able to get his country back on track. He did quite a few things on the side, he had a stint at the Fine Arts, he defended animal rights, he painted, he fought in World War I. Not to say that war was beautiful and wonderful. […] I’m not in favor of the genocides and massacres he may have committed, for example, in some extreme cases that were part of his life.”

Among the group, there is also an MMA fighter who initially showed interest in radical Islam before joining the Rouen identitarians. The profiles are diverse and varied.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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