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Rim’K unveils an interstellar “Hors série”!

In 2023, Rim’K unveiled a “Hors Série” that went unnoticed by most. The young purists of 15 years old did not certify it as a diamond record. But for the French rap veteran, who started his career with the 113 around the golden triangle of Orly – Choisy – Vitry, it’s more than a consecration. Thirty years of rap haven’t worn out Tonton, who will probably do a Drill freestyle at 70, a cigarette in his mouth, with the entire young generation of Vitry rappers by his side.

Rim’K unveils an interstellar “Hors série”!

When it comes to beatmakers, the focus is on Hades, Marcus, and Wealstarr. The artist is far from fitting into boom bap and violin piano rap. Unlike artists like Demi Portion who have chosen to remain authentic and true to the “Bonne école” against all odds, Rim’K sweeps across the spectrum of all trends in French rap in his “Hors série”. Trap tracks, somewhat spacey tracks like “J’arrête Pas”, and even a borderline electro sample on “Cac 40”. All the sounds are there, like on “Vitryo de Janeiro” or with a bit of Ney and raï as on “Rachid System Awards”. The instrumental productions are top-notch and Rim’K navigates through them.

We are far from poor rhymes or situational punchlines: “Chacun cherche un coupable à son malheur” or even “J’ai loupé l’école du premier coup”. Rim’K has a viper’s tongue, in ego trip, most of the time he showcases his culture and musical richness.

At a time when rap is making its entrance at the “Victoires de la musique”, after a decades-long struggle, it should not be forgotten that the 113 was one of the first groups of our noble art to receive this distinction, which has long been the preserve of French chanson singers.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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