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Rim’K and Kekra sign the “Go”!

Three years afterADN“, the new Rim’K has arrived. The former member of Mafia K1 Fry, this legendary group that thrived around the golden triangle of Orly, Choisy, Vitry, ages like fine wine. He is one of the few rappers who has managed to traverse the corridors of time while adapting to the evolutions of rap. When Booska-P asked him in 2017, at the release of “Fantôme“, how he manages to adapt to rap, Rim’K replied that, unlike rock, rap is a blend of all forms of music. Every three years, new trends come to transform rap, and it’s clear that he adapts to everything. To defend his album “Lifat Mat“, Rim’K releases the visual for his collaboration with Kekra in this four-track.

Rim’K and Kekra sign the “Go“!

The instrumental composition of this track is signed by 2K and Gancho. 2K composed the track “C’est tout” for Guizmo using a sample from the Chevaliers du Zodiaque French version, but also the track “Cigarette” for Kaaris featuring SCH, and furthermore, the single “Niobe” for SCH. Gancho, close to SCH as well, composed the tracks “Transmission automatique” and “Actes” on the rapper’s latest album. The composition is dreamy and vaporous. It’s simply trippy.

Total style change for Rim’K and Kekra. They navigate through the track in an egotrip, as if strolling in a dream. The ambiance and atmosphere of the track transport the listener on a trip. Rim’K is always the best at assessing trends. He can do Kaaris and here a track close to what Hamza can do.

The clip is signed by Alex Haze. Filmed in an old movie style, with a photograph filled with contrast, it follows the two rappers in their endless egotrip. Alex Haze is the creator of several documentaries, including “L’ascension” on Hatik. He’s an artist.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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