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“Viens que je j’te frappe” – that’s the strong message Kalash Criminel conveys.

Kalash Criminel is set to unveil his upcoming project titled “Bon Courage” on February 23. His previous solo album, “Sélection naturelle”, featuring its provocative cover, was released in 2020. Since then, the “King of the Wild” has collaborated with Kaaris on the memorable joint project “SVR”, completely devoid of any Zumba traces. Currently, the artist from Sevran Beaudotte has revealed the second preview from his upcoming album, titled “Viens que j’te frappe”.

“Viens que je j’te frappe” – that’s the strong message Kalash Criminel conveys.

“Viens que j’te frappe” was produced by the trio of beatmakers composed of Bass Turner, DJ Wiwi’x, and Ozhora Miyag. Bass Turner, known for collaborating with Kalash Criminel, has notably produced tracks such as “Balistique” and “Démarre” for the rapper. DJ Wiwi’x is the producer of “Cette année là” by SDM, while Ozhora Miyag, a beatmaker from Liège, Belgium, has collaborated with artists like Booba on “Générations Assassins” and even with A$AP Ferg on “Lord”. The production is minimalist yet impactful, aligning perfectly with Kalash Criminel‘s experimental style.

The audacity and overflowing energy of Kalash Criminel are also present. His stage presence and sharp punchlines, combined with the direct theme of the track rooted in thug rap, offer a powerful musical experience. Kalash Criminel brings rap back to its roots: “Je rappais salement avant le dirty, je rappais salement avant la Trap”.

The music video, directed by Kevin Vanden Broeck from Vclap Production, a Belgian production company that also worked on the latest visuals for Chrissy‘s “Flashback” and the video for Stavo and Boub’z‘s “nonante”, provides a dynamic atmosphere with Kalash Criminel unleashing alongside an excited crowd.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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