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Zamdane awaits the “Printemps”!

Five years ago, as Zamdane was gearing up to unveil an EP, the site The Backpackerz conducted an interview with the young man. We learn that, before sketching his first verses, Zamdane leaves Marrakech, head full of dreams, to settle in Marseille. After bidding farewell to “Padmé“, the artist delves into freestyles as a “Famished“, later revealing the project “Couleur de ma peine” in 2022. Recently, the melancholic rapper with a sharp discourse made waves on “Colors” with the track Mélancolie criminelle“. Torn from his land, and too talented to go unnoticed, Zamdane transcends styles and trends with disconcerting ease. He has just unveiled his single “Printemps“.

Zamdane awaits the “Printemps“!

The instrumental composition of the track is crafted by DANCE and Arzel. Dance, aka Thug Dance, is a historical beatmaker in French rap. He collaborated with IAM on “Les raisons de la colère” and with Hamza on “Réel“. He had previously produced for Zamdane on “Boyka“. The production is enchanting, both rhythmic and highly fantastical.

Zamdane, with his language of truth, far from the painful egotrips that are part of the rap law in France and elsewhere, evokes his contrasting feelings. Perhaps, like most of us, he awaits spring and better days: “I wander between my dreams and nightmares (Nightmares), who will come to wake me from my coma?“. His “Mélancolie criminelle” didn’t begin with Colors. He carries his burden of exile, of being a “famished“, to the summit of rap.

The video was shot at the foot of the towering snow-capped mountains to enhance the feeling of solitude. The direction is the work of ROX, who has been following Zamdane since his beginnings. Upon the release of the “Couleur de ma peine” project, she declared: “This is the first time in my life that I’ve worked so extensively on a project, putting so much heart into it.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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