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Ayrton releases the second excerpt from “75 ERA” with Tha Horney!

Beatmakers are crossing to the other side of the mirror. Amine Farsi and Vladimir Cauchemar launched the movement decades after DJ Kheops and his “Sad Hill”. They’ve sparked vocations. Today, it’s Ayrton launching his project “75 ERA”. He is supported by the Sony Hall Access label. After a first release featuring 63OG, he invites Tha Horney on the track “Hollywood”.

Ayrton releases the second excerpt from “75 ERA” with Tha Horney!

“Hollywood”, how many crimes have been committed in your name? California’s fantasy machine has a discography even more prolific than Jul’s. Madonna herself chose this name to defend the colors of the dream factory on the West Coast.

But Ayrton has an ambitious project: to bring together the new French rap scene and put them in the spotlight with original and diverse compositions. Tha Horney excels on this composition by Ayrton and Chronos. Rap is better now. Ayrton already illustrates in two tracks the richness and diversity of French rap today.

The clip, borrowing from Hollywood symbols, sees Tha Horney navigating between his fantasies and reality. The director recreates the world of “Barbie” in Tha Horney’s fantasies. In this sense, the visual is close to the concept of “Mulholland Drive”. But Ayrton, Tha Horney, and the director of this clip, Hugo, offer a completely original and thoughtful vision of French rap, putting stereotypes aside while having fun with them. Hugo is no stranger to this. He directed the visuals for “F*.* le 17” by 13Blocks, a highly anticipated group.

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