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Werenoi releases “Location” ! 

Werenoi recently unveiled his latest album “Pyramide”, collaborating with renowned artists such as Damso, Maes, SCH, Hamza, SDM, and Aya Nakamura. The album experienced immediate success, with no less than 18,755 copies sold in the first week alone, impressive figures for the rapper hailing from Montreuil. Alongside the album release, he also dropped the music video for his hit single “Location”, along with the announcement of a tour across France. In a January interview with Le Parisien, he enthusiastically discussed his previous tour, expressing satisfaction with the warm reception from the audience.

Werenoi releases “Location” !

Werenoi doesn’t just shine in the musical realm; he also showcases his talent visually. The track “Location” perfectly illustrates his success, with a melancholic instrumental composition produced by the talented Barbenoire. The latter contributed to several tracks on the album, including “Faf”, “Location”, and “Animal”, offering a rich and powerful sonic palette.

In the picturesque setting of Dubai, surrounded by a dreamlike atmosphere, Werenoi humbly reflects on his growing success:

“I don’t look down on you
I’m not arrogant
But I’m closer to the sky than the ground
A bit like a helicopter”

The visual direction of this music video was entrusted to Black Anouar, a prolific director who has already helmed numerous successful clips, including the latest one from Werenoi and SDM for “Dans un verre”, as well as a collaboration between Werenoi and Hös Copperfield. Additionally, he has worked on the television series “Or Noir”, broadcasted on M6.

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