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Clairox (Claire Cugnart): A Life, A Musical Passion in Full Bloom

A life, a passion – Clairox, also known as Claire Cugnart, embodies the constant desire for creation, fervent passion, and the genuine pleasure of sharing the present moment with her audience. For her, music is a space of freedom, a deeply inspiring breath.

Claire Cugnart unveils her album of French songs, aptly titled “Pour vous aussi,” under the artist name Clairox. It’s a beginning, a dive into the musical universe she wishes to offer her audience. It’s the expression of a unique artistic voice, marked by sensitivity and creativity.

Buoyed by this initial achievement, she then embarks on a quest for other emotions, exploring different groups and venturing into musical realms imbued with funk and rock. Her artistic journey unfolds as a perpetual quest, an endless exploration of sonic possibilities.

Currently, Clairox finds fulfillment in the jazz genre, collaborating with the BigBand d’Homécourt BBH and other artists to craft a repertoire uniquely her own. Jazz becomes her canvas of expression, a tapestry where she weaves unique nuances, merging her musical identity with the rich and evocative elements of the genre.

In 2022, her second album, “Envolée vers l’Horizon” (Soaring Towards the Horizon), comes to life. Born from multiple artistic collaborations, this opus offers a fresh perspective, an expanded horizon in Clairox’s musical landscape. Each note, each collaboration contributes to the creation of a sonic world where her passion flourishes.

“Envolée vers l’Horizon” is not just an album; it’s a musical journey. It attests to the artistic growth of Claire Cugnart, her commitment to constant exploration, and her invitation to the audience to join her in this sonic adventure.

Claire Cugnart, known as Clairox, doesn’t settle for creating music; she crafts an experience. Her art transcends boundaries, offering a symphony of emotions and stories to her audience. Each collaboration, each exploration, is a step towards new horizons, a declaration of the ever-expanding universe of her passion for music.

Embracing the present and looking towards the future, Clairox stands at the crossroads of passion and creation, carving a path illuminated by the harmonious notes of her musical odyssey. Her artistic journey is characterized by courage, exploration, and an unwavering belief that music is not just a composition but a living, breathing entity that evolves with every heartbeat.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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