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Werenoi announces his album for “16.02.2024”.

“I pay close attention to what I write,” he notes. “I’m a chameleon, adapting to everything, as long as I stay true to myself,” as he implies to Le Parisien last January. Werenoi has just revealed the first extract from his album “Pyramide“. As titled, he simply chooses the release date of the project. The artist hailing from Montreuil in the Parisian region releases a raw single, rapped from start to finish, a way to definitively present himself to a rap game that has already embraced him.

Werenoi announces his album for “16.02.2024“.

The instrumental composition of the completely street track is signed by 2K and Gancho. The two beatmakers have recently collaborated on the instrumental production of the latest track by Rim’k featuring Kekra. After composing the track “Go“, they return for Werenoi and this energetic and street track “16.02.2024“. The two beatmakers also make frequent appearances on his album “Pyramide“.

Contrary to appearances (on this track), Werenoi is a very open-minded artist. In his interview with Le Parisien, he announces that he admires Pascal Obispo, whom he invited on stage at his last concert: “A bit of everything… Pascal Obispo. I appreciate him because he is humble, like me.”

Werenoi announces “Pyramide” at the end of his track. The project’s teaser has already been released. And we know that it will feature collaborations with Damso, SDM, Aya Nakamura, Hamza, and SCH and Maes. As you’ve understood, it’s a true all-star game of rap. With this project, Werenoi is clearly stepping up to the next level.

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