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Werenoi finds her’Mauvaise’!

Werenoi finds her ‘Mauvaise’! On September 22, Werenoi unveiled the opus ‘Telegram 2’. With nearly 11,000 sales in the first week of release, the artist confirms his rising prominence. Featuring only SCH, he has become a highly sought-after artist. He has just released the new track ‘Mauvaise’.

Werenoi finds her ‘Mauvaise’!

He dedicated his latest title to  a ‘Bad B..’. With ‘Mauvaise’, the artist aligns himself with the likes of Rohff with ‘Starfuckeuse’ or Booba with ‘Pourvu qu’elle m’aime’. This theme is a classic in French rap. In production, we find the crème de la crème with Aurélien Mazin, DJ Kore, and Naskid. There’s no need to introduce Kore, given his immense influence on French rap since the early 2000s. Aurélien Mazin is a French composer who has extensively collaborated with SCH, notably on the tracks ‘Fusils’ and ‘Champs-Élysées’. Similarly, Naskid has placed many productions for SCH and also contributed to the soundtrack of ‘Taxi 5’ (overseen by Kore). The production is dark yet captivating, almost masterful.

Werenoi narrates the story of a man-eater in a dark, grimy setting typical of gangsters. The ambiance of the track is exceptional. There is likely an analogy to be made between Werenoi and SCH in their ability to create complete works where storytelling meets production and visuals in total coherence.

The visual, created in total synergy with the sound, is the work of Bien Vu Prod who currently have numerous collaborations. For example, they have produced the social fresco of Ben PLG, ‘Le Goût du Sel’.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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