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RK: The youngest certified rapper returns with a sixth album!

RK makes a triumphant return, announcing his “6th album in stores”. After leaving an indelible mark with hits like “Insolent”, “Rêves de gosse”, “Neverland”, “100 Rancunes”, and “Mentalité”, the artist is back with a powerful and emotive freestyle titled “38.” This freestyle signifies his comeback to the forefront of the music scene and represents a new stage infused with maturity.

RK: The youngest certified rapper returns with a sixth album!

The instrumental composition of the track is crafted by Mitch Wave, Brakbrass 7, and EEEmpty. Mitch Wave, hailing from Gennevilliers, collaborates closely with Larry, while EEEmpty, a member of the beatmakers collective SVPHIR and originally from Franche-Comté, notably produced the track “Maison hantée” by Werenoi and the “Intro” by Niro. The trio of beatmakers has created an emotional piece, enriched with piano notes, perfectly harmonizing with RK‘s unique flow.

In reality, RK‘s freestyle has multiple dimensions. It alternates between powerful egotrip phases and more subdued moments where RK seems to float over a cloudier production. It is in these moments that he shares his doubts and speaks of his wounds. Through this track, he recounts his exceptional journey, reminding us that he had already achieved platinum status with his debut album, “Insolent.” In an interview with Backs in 2024, he admits that early success didn’t only bring glorious moments: “They took away a bit of my adolescence; you find yourself at 16, no longer in school, because you have a job at 16. You’re doing showcases in nightclubs at 16, even though I had never been to a nightclub before.” These wounds, along with his glory, are evoked in freestyle 38.

The accompanying video, documenting a day in the life of RK as an artist, was directed by Black Anouar. These two longtime collaborators share a well-established camaraderie. Black Anouar, also the director of the series “Or Noir,” aired on M6, visually captures the hectic day of RK in the art world.

Throughout the track, the rapper enthusiastically announces his sixth album!

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