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Booba reveals the visuals for “BB” six years post-release!

Following his last album “Trône”, Booba unveiled a new project titled Ad Vitam Æternam. Defying expectations, Kopp has neither left the rap scene nor the “quartier” (“DKR”). While many anticipated his next move in the rap game, the artist instead released the music video for “BB”. For those unfamiliar, the track “BB” was released in 2018 following a public altercation between Kaaris and B2O at Orly airport. This release symbolized a truce, or at least a brief respite, with his “Colombian” (“BB”).

Booba reveals the visuals for “BB” six years post-release!

Just four days into its release, Booba‘s latest album Booba tallied 15,175 equivalent sales, excluding the physical copies available exclusively through his online store.

The track “BB”, known for its leisurely BPM, was crafted by Yako. This seasoned producer has also created hits like “Joe Pesci” for Niska, “Monument” for La Fouine, and “Raison sociale” for Médine. The ethereal song features B2O lending his vocals. Some critics argue that the rapper is pioneering a new genre dubbed “urban song,” exploring it in tracks like “Arc en Ciel”, “Petite Fille”, and more recently “Dernière fois” from “Trône”. However, his latest endeavor, “Ad Vitam Æternam”, is a return to hard-hitting rap.

Booba delivers “BB”“!

The track’s punchlines are already making waves, particularly its jab at mainstream radio: “They don’t play us on their stations, no / They know we’ll hack the airwaves, it’s all written in the stars”. This line mirrors the sentiments of NTM‘s “We’re Still Here”: “They don’t play us on their stations, no big deal, the hardest part was getting out of the basement and people know it”. The song, filled with thug love and egotrips, is set against a paradisiacal backdrop with a vixen who is unmistakably genuine.

FullBlvck directed this piece. He collaborated with Booba on the visual for “Signed”, a prelude to “Ad Vitam Æternam” that unveils the behind-the-scenes of Booba‘s tour in Africa, as well as the highly conceptual video for “Sicario”, dubbed “Shared Visual”.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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