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Booba unveils the bomb “6G”!

It’s a tradition, a custom, Booba unveils “6G” after 5G, “4G“, and “3G“. In the first installment of the “3G” series from 2015, amidst a clash with Saïd Tagmahoui and Tariq Ramadan, he declares: “Alone in a scarlet shroud while holding my balls, I would have walked, stay in front of your PC trying to change the world and rage, I was made in the street, who’s gonna stop me? Not the 3G“. A few years later, he repeats the same discourse in “4G“: “Sombre ratpi all the way to Algiers, who’s gonna stop me, not the “4G”“. In “5G“, however, it seems that Booba is (maybe) hinting at a retirement finally announced after the release of his latest album “Ultra“: “Who’s gonna stop me, maybe the 5G (the 5G) Hunted, these bastards know everything I do (know everything I do)“. The preamble of the visual recaps all these punchlines before the stunning visual of “6G” kicks in.

Booba unveils the bomb “6G“!

The instrumental composition of the track is signed capotrck. This young beatmaker close to 92i has collaborated extensively with Sicario. He worked with him on two tracks from his new album on the titles “Victoire“, “Mirage“, and also composed “Dark Maul“. The “nG” series is known for being entirely egotrip. Regardless of the context, Booba, who can play with melody and singing, has reserved his total fury for the “nG” series. This episode doesn’t overshadow the rest of the series. It’s probably the most successful, both visually and artistically in general. It’s a real unleashed experience. Caustic punchlines, sharp flow, and a composition that knocks.

Amidst the onslaught of punchlines, one assertion leaves one perplexed: “No one died, 6G, new album, there are worse attacks“. Is Booba about to resume his career? And release a project? Everything suggests that rap is missing Kopp with the number of unreleased tracks he releases every year. And maybe even that the Rap Game is also missing him as much as he continues to handle his opponents in music. He has even found a new target with influencers and their methods. He even leaves a quip directed at one of them in the track: “Like Maeva Ghennam, she must change her a**

The visual of the track is signed by Frédéric De Pontcharra. Chris Macari had directed the first episodes of the series, and it was quite successful. Frédéric De Pontcharra comes not from rap but from advertising. He is a craftsman. He delivers a thrilling visual with a Kill Bill vibe, referencing a feverish Japan.

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