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Peet and Ben PLG introduce “Bonsoir”!

Peet, the rapper from the Brussels scene formerly a member of the group 77, has taken flight solo. On , he unveiled his latest opus titled “A demain“, a work rich in collaborations with artists such as Caballero, White Corbeau, Artÿ, Ele A, and Ben PLG. It’s precisely the visual accompanying his duet with Ben PLG that Peet has just presented. Hailing from the North and a former contestant on the show Nouvelle École, BEN Plg has adopted a style of rap that’s engaged and introspective, which has successfully captured the French audience since his notable performances on Colors with “Guerre de Pissenlits” and his project “Dire je t’aime“, considered his most accomplished work, thereby ensuring him a certain notoriety.

Peet and Ben PLG introduce “Bonsoir“!

The musical composition of this track is signed by Ferdi and Lucci. Ferdi, already known for collaborations with British artists like Len on “RightHaND“, and Lucci, accustomed to working with lyricists like Ben PLG, have infused this song with subtle elegance, where the drums lead the track and a fleeting sample adds a touch of mystery.

Peet and Ben PLG: Wordsmiths Beyond Compare!

These two artists, true poets of contemporary rap, infuse their music with a hint of provocation and irreverence. Peet expresses his darkest thoughts:

“No towers, just torments that broke my heart,
A mom gone too soon, a brother adrift.
The fall is long, I don’t know if I’m close to landing.”

Ben PLG echoes with his own vision:

“I spoke of money because I hadn’t found what truly pleased me.
Golden smile, fake jewelry, blown gasket between my teeth.
It’s not profitable to watch the stars shine.”

The visual of their collaboration explores the theme of anti-materialism, dear to Tiers Monde. We see a group of young people fighting for an illusory ideal, a symbolic quest depicted by Hotu, already known for his work on the track “Motel 8” by Peet.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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