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Unveiling Skefre’s Second EP: The SKRRT Experience

Skefre begins his “Intro” with a quote from Thomas Sankara: “One can kill a man, but not his ideas.” The Burkinabé thinker, much like his counterpart Patrice Lumumba, is also recognized in the world of French rap, on par with Tupac and Biggie. Hailing from Grande Borne in Grigny, this artist has a long-term vision and has just unveiled the second installment of his EP, “SKRRT.”

Stylistic artiste !

He provides us with a glimpse in a first excerpt titled “Intro,” accompanied by a music video. The new recruit of REC 118 has collaborated with Jolagreen23 and Genezio for this project. The track “Intro” was composed by Quatorze Prod and showcases a highly stylized aesthetic, in perfect alignment with the new Parisian wave that’s making waves around the capital.

Skefre delivers sharp punchlines under the direction of Romain Argento, who shares the same name as a famous Italian director. The filmmaker has opted for a black and white approach that harmonizes perfectly with the musical composition and the incisive flow of Skefre. This coherence between the music, lyrics, and the direction of the video is a testament to an authentic artistic identity, indicating that this artist will undoubtedly make a name for himself.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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