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Discover the Power of Collaboration with Genezio & Gambino la MG’s Track ‘Tout Donner’

It’s been a year already since the release of “Game Over 3 – Terminal 1,” and the second installment has just unveiled its second excerpt. The “Game Over” compilations showcase unique collaborations. Long before the rise of collective projects and joint albums, Game Over played a pioneering role in this field, following in the footsteps of early 2000s pioneers such as “Hostile” and “Première Classe.” The initial duo of this project featured *Tayc* and *Alonzo*. Now, it’s *Genezio* and *Gambino la MG* taking the reins with their track “Tout donner.”

The musical production of this song was entrusted to *CG Flow,* a composer who has notably collaborated with *Alonzo* and *Soprano*. He’s also the mastermind behind the track “Pompeii” by *JSX,* featuring *Booba*. As is customary, this beatmaker prioritizes melody, incorporating guitar arpeggios in a slightly Latino style.

The video, directed by *Léo Mazzoni,* who is definitely making his mark in the French rap scene, tells a captivating story that follows the artists from their tough years to their current success. Rap continues to be a success story.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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