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Ichon Souvent: An In-depth Exploration

With “Pages blanches”, Ichon ends nearly three years of absence from the rap scene. The last time he released an album was in 2020 with “Pour de vrai”. As usual, the artist emphasizes originality.

The title, rather chill, is composed by Max Baby and Loubenski, just like his track “Pages blanches”. Loubenski has collaborated extensively with Nekfeu, and his artistic choices are far from arbitrary. The video for this exceptionally pure piece was directed by Hannah Rosselin. It starts with Ichon on the ground, crushed to the floor, ensnared by paper wings.

In this track, there’s no abundance of egotrip. The artist opens up about his doubts. The video stands out for its simplicity in terms of settings, but it blends perfectly with this softly melancholic music and touches upon many symbols. It’s a successful comeback.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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