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Timal unveils “RR Phantom”!

Two years after the release of “Arès“, Timal makes his grand comeback with the track “RR Phantom“. In his latest album, the Parisian rapper shared the stage with Jul, Morad, Heuss L’Enfoiré, and Gazo. He returns with strength and elegance on this “RR Phantom“, which will go down in history.

Timal unveils “RR Phantom“!

The instrumental composition of this track is utterly explosive, crafted by Shuriken. The beatmaker has previously worked with Gazo, notably on the tracks “Rappel” and “Mauvais 2X“, featuring Ninho. He is also behind the track “Fleurs“, taken from Gazo‘s latest project. The production is fiery.
Timal delivers punchlines after punchlines in ego-trip mode: “Love never makes one blind, especially when there’s money in sight“. In a business-like atmosphere, the rapper demonstrates his power. The visuals were designed by William Thomas, an expert in his field, who has made his mark on both major record labels and independent rap.

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