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Kemmler dedicates “Alain” to his father!

In 2022, Kemmler makes a smashing entrance with his project “&Moi“, featuring collaborations with heavyweights such as Léa Castel, Sofiane, Amir, Mosiman, Emma Peters, and Kik. Following the immersive experience of his live project “37 Folie Mericourt“, he returns to the forefront with the poignant single “Alain“. In this touching ode to his father, the Marseille rapper unveils the tracklist of his project, a vibrant tribute to his family roots.

Kemmler dedicates “Alain” to his father!

For once, Kemmler sets aside his usual style to kick. Most of the time, the artist leans towards singing or slam poetry. The instrumental composition of the project is signed by Banx & Ranx, as well as Elyot Milshtein. These two talents have previously collaborated with heavyweights such as Sean Paul on tracks like “Bad Love” and “Dynamite“. As for Elyot Milshtein, he has brilliantly orchestrated the soundtrack of “Happiness“. The instrumental, enhanced by a few piano notes, is carried by an enchanting rap beat.

In this track, true to his style, the rapper sets aside ego trips to address his current position with sincerity and simplicity, also taking the opportunity to pay a touching tribute to his progenitor.

The video, shot in black and white, cleverly blends simplicity and poetry. It is the work of Clément Maurin, already noted for his work on the “Le déluge” clip by Kik, as well as on “Les glaçons” and “L’orage” by Alien.

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