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The explosive synergy of Gapman and Ashe22 in “Step”

In the 2024 rap landscape, Gapman emerges as an essential rising star. The previous year, the artist captivated audiences with the launch of his ambitious project “Next GOAT”, marking a significant milestone in his career. His recent collaboration with Ashe22, an iconic figure of Lyonzon, has resulted in a sensational new track. Their latest work, “KH-22”, unveiled by the Lyon-based artist, is a true sonic explosion.

The explosive synergy of Gapman and Ashe22 in “Step”

From the musical opening, the instrumental of the track “Step” wraps the listener in a mystical ambiance, the fruit of the collaboration between genius producers Binks Beatz and Duce.6x. While these names might be enigmatic to the general public, Binks Beatz, hailing from Saint-Leu-la-Forêt, made his mark on the music scene following his collaboration with 13 Block, adding to his repertoire of hits such as “Vie sauvage” by Kaaris and “La lune attire la mer” by Alpha Wann. Duce.6x, a Dutch producer, also stands out with an impressive discography including collaborations with icons like Lil Uzi Vert, DJ Khaled, and 2Chainz, giving the track an interstellar dimension with its electro sounds and frenetic rhythm.

The chemistry between Gapman and Ashe22 electrifies the composition, creating an infernal dynamic. Their track is distinguished by its originality and power, marked by sharp and incisive punchlines: “Remove your bitch, she takes photos of us like a monument / In the studio, we blow up the house like a Taliban”.

The music video, orchestrated by the talented Kubrik (not to be confused with the late Stanley Kubrick), fits perfectly into the current French music scene. His work for artists such as Tdollaz, Tali, and Chivas Skefre, especially for the renowned “Trapuleux #1”, proves his ability to inject a captivating rhythm into his productions.

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