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Fayv and Kofs Electrify Marseille!

FAYV, who captured the public’s attention with his remarkable collaboration on “I Grew Up” alongside Alonzo, continues his rise in the rap world with a series of captivating singles. Recently, he unveiled a piece in partnership with the illustrious Kofs, titled “Yamaha”. This purely Marseillaise project, filmed between the iconic Marseille and the picturesque port of Girona in Spain, was masterfully orchestrated by Spike Miller, the faithful lieutenant of Alonzo.

Fayv and Kofs Electrify Marseille!

With “Yamaha”, a title where power contends with harmony, who better than Kofs to enrich the track with his unique touch? Known as “The Angry Algerian”, Kofs has recently expanded his discography with “After Midnight”, an album promoted by a captivating short film. Since his appearance in the movie “Chouf”, this rapper, undisputedly talented in slicing up a prod, has also proven to be a charismatic actor with numerous successes.

The musical imprint of Spike Miller, both a beatmaker and director, has long accompanied Alonzo. He is behind several fiery hits such as “I Accelerate” by Rohff and “Intuition” by Dadju. His production, both dark and paced, provides the two rappers with the necessary space to express their talent with raw intensity: “Even if you’re done, I’ll smash you to the ground”.

The visuals were entrusted to Zack, who narrates through his lens the story of a transaction extending from Marseille to Girona.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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