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Swing is once again evolving his style in “No Future,” ! 

Swing is once again evolving his style in “No Future,” ! Swing was a part of the collective “L’or en commun” before venturing into a solo career. The audience remembers him for his collaboration with the artist Angèle on the track “S’en va.” He has already unveiled his first solo track, Maladresse,” skillfully blending rap and French chanson.

Swing is once again evolving his style in “No Future,” !

It stands out for its unique fusion of chanson and rap. His latest piece is divided into two parts. The first part is rhythmic, with his flow perfectly complementing the instrumental, reminiscent of the striking of a drumstick on a drum. The second part is more tranquil and evokes the spirit of French chanson. The production was handled by Crayon, Lennard Vink, Kxmel, Alban Murenzi, and Jalam88.

Tracks in two parts are currently gaining significant popularity in the urban music scene, as evidenced by recent endeavors by DA Uzi and Beendo Z, the latter creating a true triptych in his latest freestyle titled “Inspiré de faits réels.”

No Future” offers an enthralling immersion into the artist’s world, as he is about to unveil his album “Au revoir Simeon” on December 1st. The video, directed by LENNY GROSMAN, is an aesthetic representation that places Swing at the center of a visual sequence. The artist aims to illustrate the challenges faced by today’s youth in their quest for identity and their place in the world.

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