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Swing’s ‘Maladresse’: Exploring Fusion of Rap and French Chanson

This is an impressive introduction for Swing. The artist spent ten years within the collective L’or en commun. Then, he collaborated with the Belgian artist Angèle on the track “S’en va.” Finally, he takes his solo chance with a piece that exudes originality. With “Maladresse,” the artist achieves a fusion of rap and French chanson, marking the first extract from an album that shouldn’t be long in coming. This artistic performance deserves recognition.

The instrumental production of the track was carried out by Crayon & Kxmel. It stands out with its originality, blending guitar riffs and arpeggios with a commanding drumbeat. This production highlights the artistic identity of Swing.

In a conceptual video produced by Julien Nodot, the artist explores raw movement and minimalism without falling into clichés.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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