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Sicario unveils an authentic and sincere track.

Sicario unveils an authentic and sincere track. Sicario has just revealed the first preview of his upcoming album, Silence. With the track Vide, he marks the inauguration of his initial project with Booba’s label, 92i, who spotted him two years ago. After releasing just four singles that blend energy and sincerity, Sicario garnered the attention of Booba. The song WA was released on November 5, 2021, followed by Argile and Bipolaire, accompanied by a striking black and white music video. He has also affirmed his commitment with tracks like Yamanaka, in collaboration with Booba, and C.E.R.

Sicario unveils an authentic and sincere track.

The single Vide was produced by HRNN and Sam Gee. HRNN is a well-established producer in the beatmaking scene, hailing from Toulouse, and has collaborated with artists such as Kaaris, Ninho, and Djadja & Dinaz. The track creates a slightly ethereal atmosphere, immersing the listener in Sicario’s world.

In just a few verses, Sicario reflects on his own life. It’s important to emphasize that the rapper holds genuine street credibility and a complex personal history, which he expresses through this song. The music video, directed by Joshua MEGUIRA, is cinematic and stands out with impeccable cinematography and staging.

It’s also worth noting that the artist has participated in a feature film set to be released on Netflix. Julien Royal’s film, Nouveaux Riches, is scheduled for November 17th.

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