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Who is the Madrina of Booba and Maes?

Who is the Madrina of Booba and Maes? Maes invited the founder of 92i and a prominent figure in French rap, on his track “Madrina.” With a Latin-inspired instrumental production by Denza as the backdrop, the two gangsta rap artists who master the use of vocoder delivered a rather “easy listening” and almost danceable sound. Less known than Booba, Maes made a sensation with a series of singles following his mixtape “Vie Réelle 2.0.” With “Avenue Montaigne,” “Billets Verts,” and “Pack M,” he showcased his flow across various genres, from club music to trap and even more ethereal tracks. It has become customary for rookies to prove their versatility across different styles. Who is the Madrina of Booba and Maes?

The rapper from 92 is not accustomed to collaborating with artists from Sevran, where his longtime rival Kaaris, who has become his main “target” since Rohff‘s decline, resides. With a series of interesting punchlines, the artists demonstrated their complementarity on this track. The song is titled “La Madrina.” Who is the “Madrina” of Booba and Maes? The real name of “La Madrina” is Griselda Blanco. This Colombian woman is far from being a “Tchouin” or a “Bimbo”; she is one of the most ruthless drug traffickers in Colombia. Within a few years, the 14-year-old pickpocket became one of the leaders of the Medellin Cartel and, incidentally, the mentor of Pablo Escobar. She is also nicknamed the “Black Widow.” Who is the Madrina of Booba and Maes?

The young woman’s career began at the age of 20. At that time, Griselda Blanco, who left home at the age of 14, was forced into prostitution. It was her first marriage to Carlos Trujillo that saved her from poverty. She had three children with him. In the 1970s, it was through her second marriage to Alberto Bravo that she made a name for herself in the cocaine trade. This was followed by a long career in the underworld. At the height of her career as the “Madrina,” she accumulated nearly 80 million euros per month, while her personal fortune was estimated at 2 billion euros. Who is the “Madrina” of Booba and Maes? What characterizes “La Madrina” first and foremost is her murderous madness. Authorities have linked nearly 40 murders to Pablo Escobar‘s godmother. A documentary titled “Cocaine Cowboys” was also released on the subject. It was best to avoid crossing the path of the “Queenpin” and, even more so, to provoke her. According to testimonies from authorities, she would have killed a 2-year-old child in order to reach his father.

The other significant characteristic of the crime boss in Miami is that she murdered all her husbands. Openly bisexual, she rose out of poverty through her marriages. And each time, her anger or rationale led her to a situation where she had to kill her spouse. Her murderous madness is legendary. Ironically, it is this characteristic that would ultimately lead to her downfall. By targeting one of the descendants of the Ochoa family (another important family in the drug trade), Griselda Blanco found herself facing a real manhunt. It was this “Madrina” who invented the motorcycle assassination method with two individuals (one driving, the other shooting), and it was exactly in this manner that she lost her life in 2012. Who is the “Madrina” of Booba and Maes? A biopic dedicated to her in the form of a TV film featuring JLO is currently in the works at HBO, while rumors suggest that Catherine Zeta Jones has been offered the same role for a series broadcast in the USA. 

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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