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Sicario has just unveiled “Silence,” in collaboration with Booba!

Sicario has just unveiled “Silence,” in collaboration with Booba!In 2021, Sicario was spotted by Booba’s 92i label, and he joined the Duc‘s stable. To celebrate this news, he collaborated with the boss on the track “WA.” Later, he returned with the songs “Argile” and “Bipolaire.” After releasing “Yamanaka,” a new collaboration with Booba, he dedicated himself to the preparation of his new project.

Sicario has just unveiled “Silence,” in collaboration with Booba!

A few weeks ago, the artist presented “Libre,” the first extract from his album “Silence.” The album was officially released on November 10th. The album features collaborations with Booba, his mentor, as well as with Usky, Kr, and ILL-YES. This album is extremely diverse; Sicario showcases the breadth of his vast repertoire by offering tracks with or without melody, fast or rather slow.

Within this project, there is a feature with Booba on the track “Cyanure,” produced by Noxious, France’s most renowned beatmaker. He also contributed to the track “D.M.N.” Among other big names in beatmaking, there’s Dany Synthé, who contributed to the track “Sur moi.” The collaboration with Booba has a reggaeton vibe, and both rappers reflect on their life experiences to an upbeat rhythm.

Furthermore, Booba did not hesitate to address ongoing issues, expressing his desire that Magalie faces hell. The Duc also announced his intention to launch an agency for ethical influencers. This track further enhances the musical richness of Sicario’s album, which stands out for its diversity and completeness.

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