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Lacrim releases “Sale Epoque” !

Lacrim releases a “Sale Epoque” ! This is a true exercise in style for Lacrim. Since the release of “Persona non grata” in 2021, the artist has remained relatively discreet when it comes to new projects. However, he has made some notable returns, including the excellent freestyle “Florent Pagny.” The artist from the 94 area code has just unveiled two new videos titled “Main Moite” and “Code Barre,” along with the EP “Sale époque.” This project has been built around a genuine concept.

The two videos appear to respond to each other: “Main Moite” and “Code Barre!”

The first visual by Lacrim is titled “Main Moite.” The track was produced by Mohand, Jerzey, and Camara. Mohand is a renowned beatmaker, having previously collaborated with Lacrim on “Persona non grata.” He has also led Sianna’s team and worked with Remy. The instrumental production is minimalist, reminiscent of Lacrim’s usual style. In this track, the artist hailing from Chevilly La Rue develops the style that has brought him success since achieving a gold record in just 10 days for “Corleone“: ego-tripping, style, and charisma.

The second visual aptly bears the name “Code Barre.” Lacrim engages in self-critique, suggesting that rappers have become their own caricatures. He poses a question echoing Kery James and his founding text “Constat Amer“: have they become the “useful idiots” of society? He quotes the text from the track “J’Boxe avec les mots” by Arsenik with the iconic punchline: “Who claims to do rap without taking a position?”

This track was composed by JAYSx15, a beatmaker of Spanish origin who has notably worked on Jul’s track “La Passat.” “Code Barre” presents a much more melancholic tone than “Main Moite.” It is one of the artist’s most politically engaged tracks. However, Lacrim has previously explored more melancholic themes, as in the track “J’ai mal” from “R.I.P.R.O 2.” In “Code Barre,” he revisits recent events that occurred during the back-to-school season.

Both visuals were directed by ARG Visual, in very different settings. While “Main Moite” adopts a street-style aesthetic, “Code Barre” was filmed in the mountains, giving the impression that Lacrim has decided to join “the men of reason.”

These visuals are perfect for introducing his surprise 4-track EP.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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