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Soolking and SCH unveil “Tiki Taka”!

After an initial single with Neven, the former member of Africa Jungle continues to tease his comeback. It’s with SCH that he chooses to collaborate on this “Tiki Taka“. The two individuals have previously worked together on the tracks “Maryline” and “Every Day“.

Soolking and SCH unveil “Tiki Taka“!

Tiki Taka” takes place in Algeria, in the backdrop of the homeland of Soolking. The artist has already referenced Algeria in his songs but in a completely different style with the tracks “Guérilla” and “Liberté“. No political aspect this time, just an atmosphere. The instrumental production of the track is handled by Voluptyk, Nass Brans, and Amine Merahba.
Voluptyk is a signee of Affranchis Music; he has previously composed for Soolking with “Suavemente” and collaborated with Nass Brans on “Casanova“, the hit by Gazo and Soolking. The track is infused with an oriental spirit adorned with musical instruments from Arabia. Much like the group Acid Arab, which has made it their trademark, Soolking sometimes merges with the musicality of his roots.
As he returns to his Algerian roots, we recall that Soolking stated to Melty in 2022: “In Algeria, I sang, but I didn’t take myself seriously. When I arrived in France, people told me what I was doing was good. That’s when I started to take myself a bit more seriously as a singer.” Spotted by Sofiane after a start to his career in complete independence, he joined Affranchis Music and achieved total success.

The rapper is likely on the verge of unveiling a new project, given his current activity. The video, filmed in the Algerian deserts, is directed by Wassilo. The indigenous filmmaker, for instance, directed the video “Kilo” for rapper Anas and also contributed to the creation of several commercial clips.

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