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S.Pri Noir narrates “Bonsoir Paris” to you!

S.Pri Noir narrates “Bonsoir Paris” to you! S.Pri Noir has unquestionably crossed a new threshold. After the release of “Masque Blanc” and “Esprit,” the rapper took a musical break, only to return stronger than ever with Les clefs du château,” a memorable tribute to his mother who has departed.

S.Pri Noir narrates “Bonsoir Paris” to you!

This is the second extract from “La Cour des miracles,” the new album by S.Pri Noir. Composed by the talented Twinsmatic, the title, the video, is about duality, reflecting the paradox deeply rooted in Parisian culture. Twinsmatic has accompanied Booba on all his projects and has also composed for Dinos and Damso. His signature is recognized by all. He has created a two-part song, but with true coherence: the verse by S.Pri Noir should be categorized under the title “Bonsoir Paris,” while Tiakola belongs to the “Mama no cry” section. Yseult ensures the song’s continuity with her choruses. It’s a genuine All-Star Game in music.

As S.Pri Noir declared at the end of his first video “Les clefs du château,” he hails from Paris. In contrast to the youth of the suburbs, the Parisian neighborhoods had wealth and fortune within reach. This is typical of Paris, and it’s what the rapper represents in his two-part song and in the video directed by Exit Void, whose name pays homage to “Enter The Void” by Gaspar Noé.

In the video, wealth mingles with the neighborhoods. While S.Pri Noir moves through Parisian soirées where alcohol and drugs flow freely, at the base of the building, Tiakola hangs out with his friends. The link between these two Parises? Illicit substances.

Paris is a paradise leading to hell. Far from rushing his return with a few hastily crafted formulas and prefab videos, S.Pri Noir magnificently enters the realm of the greats before releasing “La Cour des miracles!”

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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