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ISK and Niro reach for the stars!

ISK has just unveiled his new project “LDLG” with collaborations from Kalash Criminel, Lyna Mahyem, Ashe 22, and Leto. Prior to the release of his album, the artist hailing from the 77 region released several singles, along with a bonus worldwide tour. Recently, he revealed the outcome of his collaboration with Niro.

ISK and Niro reach for the stars!

The instrumental composition of the track was crafted by Guilty, the mastermind behind Katrina Music, who is also a beatmaker closely associated with SCH and has left his mark on French rap. The instrumental production is very smooth and melodious.

ISK and Niro, known for their lyrical prowess and ability to kick it up a notch, allow themselves to be carried away by a wave of nostalgia in this track. The song is imbued with subjectivity, melody, honesty, and gentleness, offering listeners a sincere experience.

The video, directed by Kespey, immerses us in the world of both artists, reflecting the sincerity that emanates from their collaboration.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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