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S.Pri Noir : his come-back with “Les clefs du Château”

S.Pri Noir : his come-back with “Les clefs du Château” ! After the meteoric success of “Masque Blanc” in 2018, S.Pri Noir unveiled “Etat d’esprit” in 2020. Following three years without a project, marked by the years of the Covid-19 pandemic, the artist is making a noticeable comeback with “Les Clefs du Château”, the first glimpse of his upcoming project.

S.Pri Noir takes the stage in a somber mood!

From the opening seconds of the video directed by Exit Void for Mi6 Music Intelligence Service, we learn that S.Pri Noir‘s mother has passed away. The artist regularly paid homage to her in his songs. The scene begins at the funeral, with the artist speaking surrounded by his loved ones.

The instrumental composition was crafted under the guidance of twinsmatic, with the assistance of Elvin Galland, MarJ, Jean Castel, Paul Dumas, and Enzo Gabert. The production is both grandiose and melancholic. For this occasion, the beatmaker who had a long history of collaboration with Booba had to blend elegance with sadness.

For long minutes, the performer of the song “Highlander” freely expresses his thoughts, letting his heart speak. He concludes with the words: “Je leur laisse les clés du rainte, je prends les clés du château”. We discover a more mature S.Pri Noir, confident in his direction.

The video, simply magnificent and meticulously shot in terms of photography, ends with an interview of the rapper where he talks about his origins. Indeed, the artist hails from the XXth arrondissement of Paris. At the time, fortune was just across the street. Today, he’s taking “les clés du château”.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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