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Rohff, AP, Dry, and Demon One finally reunited!

Rohff declares the “Fitna” open. For the uninitiated, “Fitna” is the term that refers to the internal war in Islam among Muslims. He has just released a new excerpt from this project, and not just any way, as he has invited AP and the group Intouchable. It’s a part of the Mafia K1 Fry with Rohff, Ap du 113, Demon One, and Dry from Intouchable that is brought together here. The track is called “Fraude”, and behind this facade of rap connoisseurs with caustic rhymes, there’s also political commitment, both in speech and in visuals.

Rohff, AP, Dry, and Demon One finally reunited!

At the peak of French rap, in the golden triangle, Vitry-Choisy-Orly sees the birth of the Mafia K1 Fry. This golden triangle of the 94 engenders one of the most prestigious collectives in French rap, with Rim’K, AP, Mokobé from the 113, Intouchable, Kery James, and of course, Rohff, who is about to unveil “Fitna” after releasing his “Grand Monsieur”. These rappers have nothing left to prove.

The instrumental composition of this explosive track is signed by Aligaprod and Ben Abramovic. The former is no stranger to it, having collaborated with Lacrim, Gips, and Blanka. The instrumental production is dense, with a continuous siren sample and a unique bass roll.

Fraude: A caustic and explosive title!

The punchlines come one after the other, all frauds are exposed, from the criticism of the French media to Messi’s Ballon d’Or. Something that didn’t go unnoticed, Demon One triumphs in the grand finale of the video by reusing his final verse from the track “Pour ceux”, which brought together the entire Mafia K1 Fry.

“From the 94 to Marseille, we’re working tirelessly, we want to break out of the tunnel like El Chapo.”

The video, directed by Rohff himself and Monsieur Dia, takes on the theme of “Squid Game”. Monsieur Dia is a director from the 94 who notably directed the latest video of Roch for the track “Petit”.

The video follows the imagery of Squid Game point by point. It’s impactful and quite violent, both in terms of lyrics and visuals. We’re far from the “old school” gathering title of the Mafia K1 Fry.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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