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Mosty and Lala &Ce unveil “En tas”!

A few weeks ago, Believe launched its African branch with We Africa. The first signee of this label, Mosty, unveiled the track “God Bless Africa“. Now, he’s back with a much more upbeat track featuring Lala &ce. On her part, Lala &ce released “Solstice” on February 2nd, with collaborations including Ste Milano, Dinos, and La Fêve. They collectively unveil the visual for “En tas“.

Mosty and Lala &Ce unveil “En tas“!

Unlike his debut “God Bless Africa“, his collaboration with Lala &ce is much more rhythmic. Before becoming the flagship artist of We Africa, Mosty collaborated with singer Pongo on a very lively track.

Mosty and Lala &Ce unveil a hit that will undoubtedly be a club favorite. Catchy chorus, spontaneity, everything is set for this new hit to establish the singer’s presence in France.

The visually stunning video, set in a dreamy nocturnal landscape, is the work of the DR Boys.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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