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Rohff, the godfather, talks about “Loyalty”!

Rohff, the godfather, talks about “Loyalty“!After the release of the album “Grand Monsieur” in 2021, Rohff teases his new album “Fitna“. The term “Fitna” refers to the internal conflict within Islam, often represented by the fratricidal war between Sunni and Shiite factions. The artist from the 94 has just unveiled the single “Loyalty” with a touch of remake from Peaky Blinders.

Rohff, the godfather, talks about “Loyalty“!

The instrumental composition of the track is signed by Franco III. This foreign beatmaker has already contributed to several productions in Rohff‘s album “Grand Monsieur“, including the composition of the tracks “Official“, “Classic Man“, “Apaise ton cœur“, and “L’expérience“. The composition is relatively classic, and Rohff seems to be returning to his early influences.

In the track “Loyalty“, Rohff expresses the values that have shaped his current identity. He has always emphasized his pride and honor in his singles. Those who know him also know that despite success, the man has never changed and has remained true to himself.

The visual aspect is particularly well-crafted, directed by Rohff himself. It seems to transport us to a bygone era in the United States, marked by prohibition. The luxurious settings, the fashion style, and the storyline evoke a time when gambling and alcohol reigned supreme. Léo Mazzoni is very active these days, having also directed the video for Namek by Jul, among other projects.

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