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Rim’K, Tif, and Sofiane Pamart transport us to Algeria!

A few weeks ago, Rim’k unveiled the unreleased tracks from the past decade in his “Hors-série”. A musical gem! To pay homage to his Algerian roots, he just released the track “Tant Pis” with Tif and Sofiane Pamart. It’s a single that breathes Algeria, driven by a mythical sample and some Derbuka percussion.

Rim’K, Tif, and Sofiane Pamart transport us to Algeria!

Tif is an eminent Algerian rapper. Sofiane Pamart, a well-known figure, was initially spotted in a track by Demi Portion, the “Dico 5”, before making a name for himself in rap and beyond. He even collaborated with Bon Entendeur on the hit track “Alba”, which gained significant success. So, we find Sofiane Pamart on the piano and Khalil Cherradi on instrumental composition.

Beatmaker Khalil Cherradi is Tif‘s designated composer. He notably produced tracks like “Amnésia” and “Mathusalem” for him. The oriental production, akin to what Acid Arab does in electro or Ziak in Drill, highlights Arab instruments, especially the Derbuka percussion accompanying the song.

Rim’k, also known as Tonton, and his crew narrate Algeria over a cup of mint tea. The “Thé à la menthe”, since the hit of the same name by La Caution, whose sample was actually re-used by Sinik, is the ultimate symbol of North African identity. The video, blending Algerian identity symbols, was crafted by Bien Vu Production. They also directed “Fais ça bien” by Hiro and “Garde à vue” by Beendo Z.

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