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Liim’s and La Mano 1.9 offer us a sound that exudes P.A.M.P!

After launching his “1st Sommation” in collaboration with Gazo, and unveiling his track “Shatta” in 2024, Liim’s continues his journey by presenting a new single alongside La Mano 1.9. Hailing from the XIXe arrondissement of Paris, this rapper brings a dynamic energy to this track, offering a response to the former member of QE Favelas, in a spirit that is both rhythmic and positive.

Liim’s and La Mano 1.9 offer us a sound that exudes P.A.M.P!

Originally from Belleville in the XIXe, La Mano 1.9 is a promising rapper following in the footsteps of the second generation of rappers from this neighborhood, after figures such as Mister You and Brulux. After his success with Gazo, Liim’s was spotted by Kombini. It is also known that this rapper is a big fan of Abidjan, PSG, and the series “God of Harlem”.
This track was shaped by a talented team of beatmakers, marking a collaboration between London and Belleville: CRZ Beats, Diaxal, and Godwin Sonzi. Hailing from London, CRZ Beats notably worked on the track “Feeling” for Pop Smoke. As for Diaxal, coming from Belleville, he has collaborated with many artists such as Kozi, Ninho, and Saamu Skuu. Although the bass recalls the sounds of Drill, the track proves to be melodic and accomplished. Overall, Liim’s and La Mano 1.9 tend to opt for a darker tone in their tracks.

The video, directed by Baeby Mama from Digital Nak in the XIXe arrondissement, sheds light on their street story. Surrounded by their team, they depict their daily life with authenticity. Digital Nak has also worked alongside DosPuntos and SCH on the track “Poison”, as well as with Mougli on the track “Nacré”.

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