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PEKA unveils his latest track “FLF” and announces his EP “NON-STOP”.

PEKA, the rapper hailing from Meaux, returns to the spotlight with “FLF,” his latest single from the upcoming EP titled “NON-STOP.” This new project, consisting of three tracks, marks a significant milestone in PEKA’s artistic journey, exploring a fresh dimension of his talent.

Driven by the belief that music is an ongoing race, “NON-STOP” represents a sprint within a musical marathon for PEKA. While his previous projects often emphasized melody, this opus shines a spotlight on rap, offering a raw demonstration of his skills. With sharp precision, PEKA delivers impactful lyrics and a masterful flow, showcasing his ease with this craft.

Under his real name, Paul Basset, 26-year-old PEKA discovered his passion for rap from a young age. After spending seven years with the group LEGA, accumulating over 600,000 streams, he ventured into a solo career in 2022 to fully express his identity, worldview, and emotions.

Authentic and introspective, PEKA strives to convey his life and thoughts without artifice, offering his audience genuine and relatable tracks. His refined songwriting, honed over the years, highlights the poetry of his lyrics, adding an extra layer of depth to his music.

Just one year into his solo journey, PEKA has already delivered over twenty tracks, accompanied by eight music videos and three projects. These promising numbers speak to the talent and determination of the artist, who continues to evolve and reinvent himself throughout his musical journey.

“FLF” is now available on all streaming platforms, eagerly heralding the imminent arrival of “NON-STOP,” PEKA’s highly anticipated EP.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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