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Cheval Blanc Unveils “TÉLÉPHONE PIÉGÉ” while PEKA Returns with NON-STOP EP

In a whirlwind of suspense and intrigue, Cheval Blanc takes us on a journey into the depths of his latest track, “TÉLÉPHONE PIÉGÉ” (“TRAPPED TELEPHONE”), a dive into the heart of a thrilling investigation where the rapper morphs into a determined detective, chasing happiness like an elusive fugitive: “Vengeful on my life, if I find happiness, I’ll kidnap it.” Each verse, carefully crafted, portrays an obsessive quest, filled with striking imagery: “No more mysteries for trickery and its shady sides, the clues are tied with red knitting thread.”

In this icy tableau of “TÉLÉPHONE PIÉGÉ,” every detail contributes to an atmosphere worthy of the greatest thrillers, while the lyrics, infused with urban poetry, captivate the listener. The musical production, majestic and mesmerizing, accompanies this narrative with theatrical grace, using violin samples reminiscent of the James Bond movie soundtracks. The subtle and understated drumbeat weaves a hypnotic rhythm, enveloping the listener in a world almost devoid of percussion, an artistic signature in which Cheval Blanc already excels.

Acclaimed for his talents as a composer, having won over prominent figures such as Jazzy Bazz, Edge, Esso Luxueux, and Robdbloc, Cheval Blanc now reveals his prowess as a technical rapper. After exploring various musical horizons in previous years, the 29-year-old artist, originally from Blois, now makes his mark on the music scene with a distinctive style, drawing inspiration from the great classics of film noir.

His collaboration with the Goldstein Records collective in Paris marked a turning point in his artistic trajectory, providing a platform to express his creative vision. Engaged in all aspects of his art, from composing tracks to directing music videos, Cheval Blanc emerges as a complete and versatile artist, poised to captivate his audience with his emotionally rich and mysterious universe.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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