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Shift: Hipo’s New Musical Project in Collaboration with 3laws

Hipo, an up-and-coming artist from the Parisian music scene, has just unveiled his latest endeavor, “Décalage,” in collaboration with composer 3laws. This newly released project represents a significant milestone in Hipo’s artistic journey, unveiling a mesmerizing blend of electro sounds and profound lyrical content.

Since his arrival in Paris in 2020, Hipo has surrounded himself with a talented team and diligently honed his artistic direction through countless studio sessions. His music serves as a conduit for storytelling, delving into universal themes wrapped in a captivating electronic musical style. A passionate performer, Hipo has graced numerous festival stages and concert halls, pouring his energy into every performance and delivering his lyrics with undeniable fervor.

The encounter with composer 3laws in late 2023 marked a pivotal moment in Hipo’s career. Their musical synergy led to the creation of “Décalage,” an ambitious project consisting of six tracks and an interlude. Each piece is intricately connected through thoughtful transitions, resulting in an EP characterized by remarkable cohesion and fluidity.

“Décalage” epitomizes a bold artistic direction for Hipo, featuring daring electronic sounds and enchanting melodies. The project’s release was preceded by the announcement in the music video for “Haine par habitude,” directed by Yde, where Hipo’s raw intensity shines through. This second video, also helmed by Yde, further underscores Hipo’s evolving artistic identity.

In essence, for Hipo, being an artist means breaking free from conventions and venturing into uncharted territory. With “Décalage,” a collaborative effort with 3laws, Hipo offers listeners a captivating and undeniably modern musical journey.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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