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Ahmes 1er – Namek 

This marks the return of Ahmes 1er, who has just unveiled a brand-new track. The instrumental production is crafted by the talented Narcisse Bakisi. Narcisse is a skilled beatmaker and producer, known for his contributions to the albums “Lénine BLD” and “Return of the Boom Bap vol 1“. The composition blends a captivating and rhythmic bass with an interesting melody. The artist, hailing from Lyon, embarks on an audacious egotrip.

This dark and captivating track combines catchy rhythms, impactful lyrics, and innovative instrumentation. The emerging artist is carving a path in the world of French hip-hop. His creativity and commitment make him a promising figure to closely follow in the French music industry. The single provides a musical immersion into the dark and mysterious universe of Planet Namek, inspired by the world of Dragon Ball.

The music video, as lively as the music itself, is signed by Elias Ottari and blends footage of the artist in the city with moments of self-expression. This director has also helmed a short film for the Nikon Festival titled “Cache-toi“.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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