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Uzi takes a tour through the “Cities of France”!

Uzi seems to be staging a noteworthy comeback. The artist hailing from the 77 has already revealed two albums, “Broken Heart” (2021) and “Better Than Yesterday” (2022). In a bygone era, at the inception of the Hip-Hop movement, the 77 had very few representatives in the rap scene. With the advent of the Internet and social networks, rappers from the remote outskirts of Paris are on the rise. The artist has recently unveiled a conceptual track titled “Cities of France“.

Uzi takes a tour through the “Cities of France“!

Uzi makes a strong comeback with the “Cities of France“. The instrumental production of the track is signed by Lil Ben, the beatmaker behind the tracks “Mauvais Djo” and “All in Gucci” for Ninho. He also composed the remix of Manu Chao‘s track “Me Gusta“.

In this track, Uzi navigates through the “Cities of France” passing through all the neighborhoods. At the end of the video, Uzi hints at a possible new project by displaying the date “16/02/2024“. A single or an album will be released on that day.

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